Our values

Our values are what our organisation stands for

Think of our values as the ‘compass points’ for how we should behave to keep us on the right course.

At WithYou, we apply our values to how we work, interact with others and make decisions to help us act in a way that’s true to what we believe in.

We’re compassionate, determined and professional – we demonstrate these values by applying our guiding principles.

Our guiding principles go hand-in-hand with our values.

They set a standard for the behaviours we expect from everyone at WithYou.

Our values:


  • Compassion
  • Determined
  • Professional

Our guiding principles:


  • Collaborative
  • Ethical
  • Inspiring
  • Resilient
  • Self-challenging

“My values are based around passion, drive and professionalism. I am proud of what I do and want to make a difference”

Investors in People report 2023

“You have been fantastic with me, supporting me at the lowest point in my life when no one else seemed interested”

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